Patient Reviews

My experience was great from the first time that I called for an appointment. She was prompt and thorough with my appointment and the staff was very friendly and helpful the whole time that I was at the office. Dr. Besh was extremely professional and friendly.

Thanks to all!
— Reza A.

When I walk into the office, I feel at home: outstanding professional care, warmth, and great staff. When you are in pain, the smiles you get make your pain disappear. I recommend it to everyone — this is the place to be!

— Neil H.

Efficient, warm, professional staff from the moment I called, to the moment of my “send-off.” I will be glad to recommend FORM to our associates.

 — Pamela M.

You must believe me… this is the best ortho office I have ever visited. Dr. Besh’s office staff are all outstanding. I am always greeted by a friendly smile and a genuine interest in my recovery progress. Today, Dr. Besh had an emergency at my scheduled time. Immediately as the progress of the emergency was made known to the staff, patients were informed of the situation and appointment time delay. Patients knew exactly what to expect. Everyone, even Dr. Besh, apologized for the delay. Thank you all for your friendliness and kindness.

— Ann T.

For the past year, I had been suffering with ongoing pain in my left wrist due to an injury. The FORM Center came highly recommended. I had my surgery at their outpatient facility. Following my surgery I had absolutely no pain at my surgical site, consequently, no pain medication was needed. All my thanks go to Dr. Besh, Kim, and their surgical team for a job well done. I highly recommend FORM and its medical staff to anyone in need of Orthopaedic or Rehabilitative medicine.

— Sharon B.

The doctor was so friendly and pleasant, I couldn’t believe it. All of the staff was so friendly and nice. I could honestly say that this doctor’s office is as pleasant as any I’ve ever experienced — probably the most pleasant I ever will experience!

— William F.

I would have to say it was a great experience. The doctor was caring and took the time to check very carefully each visit… a true professional. And all the girls in the office, no matter what their job, were excellent and polite. I would recommend you to everyone, and my buddy in X-ray is great.

Thank you.
— Michael T.

I want to let the fine people in the office know how caring and kind they are! It’s a pleasure to come to this office.

— Barbara P.

Dear Dr. Besh,

I would like to recommend what is considered “Outstanding Patient Care” by you when you cared for Mr. Mike R. You always took the time to simplify the information to make sure he understood what was being discussed. Your patience was impressive. You are the first and only doctor I have worked with that explained to an injured worker what is ethical and not ethical to claim happen in the course of employment. You are a doctor of integrity who sincerely cares for his patients.

Cherrile C., RN, BSN, MSAJS

Medical Case Manager

Dr. Besh and his GREAT staff have all treated me (with) the best service and friendly care. When I visit Dr. Besh, I am treated like I am the President of the United States. Without the great care of Dr. Besh, my sports career would have ended two years ago.

Now I am stronger and faster than I was before, and I even won a cage fight only four months after surgery! My fight school business has grown and my health is better than ever. I owe my recovery and continued success to Dr. Besh and his GREAT staff. Thanks for everything.

Milton W.

CTC MMA Fight School & Fight Team Owner

ISCF MMA Fighter

MSK Elite Fight Team, Heavyweight Division

1995 Kumite World Champion, China

Dr. Besh was great! He listened to me and understood my problem right away. He performed the surgery at 7 am and at 10 am I was on my way home.

I felt absolutely no pain and in 3 months, I had 80 percent of my strength back. When I go to my follow-up visits, he and his staff are friendly and helpful. Thank you, Dr. Besh!!! — Luther G.

For many of us who need relief from wrist and/or hand discomfort including “carpal tunnel syndrome,” I can strongly recommend Dr. Basil Besh in Fremont, CA.

He provides a complete and thoughtful diagnosis with medical care tailored specifically to your individual needs. Besides having great technical skill as a surgeon, Dr. Besh listens to his patients with compassion and understanding before deciding on the best method of treatment. I’m personally very satisfied with the results. — Ed F. President, Tool Technology Firm

My experience with my hand surgery by Dr. Besh was exceptional from diagnosis to therapy!! I was well informed of (the) procedure and what to expect after surgery.

Every time I needed to ask Dr. Besh about my condition, he always made time to talk about my concerns. It truly is comforting to have a physician and staff who genuinely care about their patients. A unique quality for our times!  

— Rick L.

I would like to recognize the Medical Assistant, Kim. Every appointment I have attended at Dr. Besh’s office has been made easy and pleasant by Kim.

Kim is very organized and knows all the paperwork I need and has it ready for me. If I request assistance by phone, Kim is very timely in responding. Kim, thank you for making my job easier and pleasant,


Cherille C., RN, BSN, MSAJS

Medical Case Manager

Worker’s Compensation

I can’t express how much I appreciate Dr. Besh and his office. I had 3 visits and therapy when it was determined that I needed surgery. Even though I was a little nervous and reluctant, his office made me very comfortable with my decision. When surgery finally came around they greeted me warmly and I was out within a half a day and at home, resting. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Besh and his staff.

– Mary E.

Another hospital had missed my fracture in initial diagnosis, however, Dr. Besh did an accurate first visit diagnosis for me. Dr. Besh gave an effective treatment plan with PT and pain management and my healing has been steady and amazing. He has amazingly courteous and professional staff. Overall extremely happy with Dr. Besh and his staff! Strongly recommended. 

— Vitals Review

I was referred to see Dr. Besh because of the severe pain I was having in both of my thumbs. I couldn’t open jars or even write for very long. He explained everything in detail and left nothing out so I knew what to expect. Thanks to the wonderful miracle surgeon. Dr. Besh, I am pain-free. Everyone associated with Dr. Besh is wonderful and they treat you like family. If you want to be treated well and have a wonderful surgeon, you must meet Dr. Besh. 

— Gloria G.

My wife shattered her wrist ice skating in Lake Tahoe just before Christmas. We decided to come back to the Bay Area to have the surgery performed. After reading great reviews about Dr. Besh, we made an appointment. Dr. Besh took the time to explain the procedure and made us feel extremely comfortable before and after the surgery. He even returned a phone call to us on New Year’s Eve to make sure everything was well.

— Jeff T.

THE BEST! I have only been seen for a broken metacarpal, but I am so over-the-moon in love with the care I have received at FORM from Dr. Besh’s staff. The care is excellent, and Dr. Besh was very professional, a warm person to speak with, and very understanding. I am on mediCal and was able to see Dr. Besh because he sets aside his availability for people on state-funded care. I am forever grateful to Dr. Besh and his staff. A million stars.

— Dosla J.

Dr. Besh is by far one of the most pleasant, competent, and efficient doctors I have had the pleasure of seeing. I made a new patient appointment with him for a broken wrist resulting from a snowboarding incident, and he was able to operate on me the very next morning. We need more well-rounded doctors like Dr. Besh who have the necessary expertise without sacrificing bedside manner and sociability. You are in great hands with Dr. Besh.

–Ashley S.

My visit with Dr. Besh was so informative. I was so scared to find out what was really wrong. I have carpal tunnel in both hands and trigger finger in my thumb. I was convinced I needed surgery in a hurry. Dr. Besh assured me that while yes I should have the carpal tunnel surgery, for the trigger finger, he gave an injection. I was scared. His nurse came in and made me feel better, she even held my hand (how awesome was that).

— Vitals Review

Came in with what I thought was a rash, turned out to be much more dangerous. I was immediately started on treatment, my condition resolved in 1 week and I feel fantastic. Thank goodness the doctor made the right diagnosis and treatment. I’ll always bring my Urgent Care needs here as well as my family!

— Patient

Exceptional service, new building, and suite, and fantastic physician. The doctor truly took the time to understand my situation, investigate my condition and made an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. 2 weeks and I’m back to my full function, thank you Dr. M!

— Patient

Continue all that you do as a staff and organization. Love the service, it’s much appreciated; more than each of you know. When I gave up…you guys didn’t. For that, I am forever grateful.

— Patient

Thanks very much for including me. I enjoyed the presentation and it provided some great tips which will help me with my injury investigation. We have many older employees with lots of tenure (myself included) so the points regarding treatment to the current good versus your original feel good are very poignant. I feel more confident we have selected the right doctor for the job; someone who is compassionate and reasonable.”

— L.U., Technology Company

Your colleagues are very professional and have been so great in comforting me throughout this process so far. Your facility is very clean with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Cheers! to you and your staff!

— Patient

From the moment I entered this office, it was nothing but a positive experience. With no appointment, my wait time was fairly short. The office is super clean and decor and medical equipment/technology are up to date. The staff including secretary, medical assistants, and physician were all top-notch; professional, thorough, efficient and so incredibly friendly! One of the medical assistants was training, and she too was just as wonderful! I felt very comfortable and taken care of. I am an RN and familiar with the healthcare scene and this office has it together! I live across the bay but I will be coming back to this office for any healthcare needs!

— Patient

This is one of those clinics you generally get sent to for employer-mandated tests and procedures (workers comp, drug screens, etc.). It’s in a brand new building, is immaculate and runs very smoothly. I was able to schedule my appointment online, was seen at the scheduled time and the entire appointment (eScreen) took no more than 10 minutes. Everyone was professional and courteous. The results were shot back to my employer within the hour. No-fuss required, and there were zero issues with the accuracy or paperwork.

— Patient

Hope all is well. I wanted to let you know that your clinic continues to do an outstanding job for us.

— C.S., Risk Manager, Staffing Company

My doctor is friendly and willing to listen to my concerns. My wrist and forearm have been hurt by work, and he has taken his time, sitting there listening to me and explaining to me what can help me get better.

— Patient

I want to email you to really thank you for your service. I know that, to you and the doctor, it might seem like you are just doing your regular job. However, to our employees, it’s so much more than that — it is their well-being, and their ability to get back to work and live their ‘normal/regular’ life again after an injury. I want to provide you with the feedback we got from one of our employees who was seen at your clinic. The employee emailed me back feeling very grateful that she was able to be seen at your clinic. Thank you so much again for taking such good care of our employees! Our employees mean so much to us. Please pass this message on to your doctors.

— V.A., Human Resources, Community College

Also, I really like the Medical Director and the Physical Therapy group that is attached to his office. I finally feel like a doctor is taking care of me, not putting obstacles in my way. The first time I saw him, he did not have time to understand all of the injuries from the fall before his next patient’s appointment. He makes a real effort not to keep patients waiting. He arranged for me to go to the PT next to his office right then, and when I was done came to get me so he could talk to me about my knee. He listened when I was concerned about which prescription drug I should take. He explains well. His staff is helpful and friendly, and competent. The building that his office is in is brand new and very pleasant. And, there are not a bunch of sick people in the waiting room with me, making me worry about catching a disease. I am so much happier; I smile when I walk into that office. Thanks for helping me switch medical providers.

— Employee, Community College

Highly professional; Short waiting time in a very comfortable waiting room (with a complimentary Keurig machine).

— Patient

Thank you for coming out to do the ergonomic evaluation on our employee. We all felt that we learned valuable facts from your evaluation and will try and implement solutions soon. I was impressed with your communication style and professionalism and the practical advice you provided. Thank you for coming and helping us! It is much appreciated!”

— L.N., Technology Company