Immediate Care

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Immediate Care is available at FORM Ortho for orthopedic urgent care injuries that are not limb-threatening or life-threatening. Under this orthopedic urgent care model, patients have direct access to orthopedic surgeons without having to go through the traditional ER setting, giving them quicker access to care to see a specialist.

By going directly to FORM Ortho’s orthopedic specialists, patients can avoid extra appointments, as well as the typically higher costs of emergency room visits for non-life threatening injuries.

FORM Ortho streamlines the process considerably compared to an ER setting, where a patient usually sees a triage nurse, then an emergency medicine doctor before seeing an orthopedic surgeon to diagnose and treat injuries definitively.

We give access to specialized care in an expedited fashion at a reasonable cost that is less expensive than a hospital ER. Our clinic provides immediate care for people who have just gotten hurt and want quick care so they can get back to their busy lives.

Injuries Treated

At FORM Ortho, we are geared to treat any type of musculoskeletal injury–those involving the joints, muscles, nerves, bones, ligaments, tissue, tendons, and skin. We can treat sprains, fractures, cuts, and wounds and do splints, casts and stitches. 

During an appointment at FORM Ortho, our team of specialists will provide you with an immediate diagnosis of the injury, corrective treatment, and medication, if needed. We’ll also discuss your long-term options for recovery.

Additionally, FORM Ortho orthopedic surgeons also treat work-related, sports-related, and home-related injuries.

Work-Related Injuries

At FORM Ortho, we take a comprehensive and highly personalized approach to handling work-related injuries. As specialists in the field of Occupational Health, we take pride in what we do and offer your employees the care they deserve.

All evaluations begin with a thorough history and exam to determine the diagnosis, causation, and potential barriers to recovery. Through honest and respectful dialogue we create a therapeutic relationship with our patients. We spend a significant amount of time educating the employee about their injury and the anticipated treatment. We answer relevant questions. These efforts ultimately improve treatment compliance and rate of recovery. Learn More

Sports-Related Injuries

Sports-related injuries can happen in contact sports, such as football, or recreational sports like mountain biking or snowboarding. People can even strain a muscle doing yoga. At FORM Ortho, we understand that a sports-related injury doesn’t just interrupt the game, it interrupts your life.

Sports-related injuries often occur due to accidents, poor training practices, or improper gear. Sometimes such injuries occur because people are not in shape or don’t warm up or stretch enough before exercising or playing sports. 

Other causes of exercise injuries include repeating the same motion over and over again, not having a proper form for your exercise, not resting in between workouts, pushing your body too hard or too quickly, and doing an exercise that is too strenuous for your level of fitness. 

Home-Related Injuries

According to the National Safety Council, home-related injuries account for nearly 150,000 unintentional deaths each year. Falls are among the top 10 most common home-related injuries.


Falls are the number one cause of home injuries in the U.S. The two groups most at risk for falls are children under the age of 5 and adults over the age of 70. Typical injury symptoms are sharp pain, swelling, bruising, and tenderness.

As you age, you become more susceptible to trips, slips and falls because eyesight, hearing, and balance tend to worsen. Medication can also cause imbalance and confusion, which can lead to falls. Slip, trips and falls can cause:

  • Fracture (Broken Bone)
  • Hand Injuries
  • Sprains and Strains

On-Site Services

FORM Ortho also offers the following on-site services for the convenience of our patients:

  • Digital X-rays, Open MRI, and Precision SurgiCenter
  • Hand Therapy
  • Physical Therapy

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Get the care you need when you need it. FORM Ortho is the place to go to see qualified specialists from the start for better outcomes and less hassle. It is a more cost-effective way for integrated, streamline care. Let FORM Ortho be your go-to place for quick-care orthopedic injury treatment. You can request an appointment online or call us at (510)-519-3908.