Drug and Alcohol Testing

FORM Ortho offers Drug and Alcohol Testing designed to meet your company’s specific needs. Our clinic has collection facilities specifically designed to perform drug testing discreetly and securely.

Substance abuse testing is either mandated by a federal agency such as the Department of Transportation (DOT) or elective and based on a corporate policy in support of a Drug-Free Workplace. In both cases, the intent of these programs is to mitigate risk by decreasing the likelihood of individuals being at work under the influence or suffering from the after-effects of drug use, operating machinery, or performing other safety-sensitive tasks. Voluntarily implementing a Drug-Free Workplace Policy mitigates risk and supports a productive work environment. 

At FORM Ortho we perform regulated and non-regulated drug screens for new hires, random programs, follow-up testing, and reasonable suspicion. In addition, we offer rapid urine screen drug tests, hair collection for drug testing, and breath alcohol testing (DOT and non-DOT). The medical assistants at FORM Ortho are trained to comply with state and federal regulations and ensure specimen validity. 

  • We will customize a drug and alcohol testing protocol to address your specific business needs.
  • Same-day results are available for most non-regulated drug tests.
  • Same-day results are available for all breath alcohol tests.
  • Test results are available on our online employer portal.
  • Random Selection Program can be set up to meet regulatory testing requirements.
  • Testing is on a walk-in basis or can be scheduled, especially for groups of five or more.

Random Selection Program

Random drug and alcohol testing programs are mandated by DOT for commercial drivers. However, to minimize risk by discouraging the use of drugs before or during work, many employers voluntarily choose to implement random testing for employees involved in safety-sensitive work. Our electronic medical record system is certified as HIPAA-compliant and protects the confidentiality of donors while meeting the needs of DOT and the employer. FORM Ortho uses software that randomly selects a set number or percentage of employees for drug and alcohol testing usually on a monthly or quarterly basis. If you are already set up in a random testing consortium or other pool, FORM Ortho can provide DOT-compliant collection services for urine drug screens and breath alcohol testing.

DOT vs. Non-DOT Testing

The DOT has mandated that specific industries participate in regulated drug and alcohol programs. These industries include aviation, roadways and bridges, trucking and motorcoaches, railways, public transit, maritime, pipelines and HazMat, federal motor carrier, and surface transportation. The DOT website can help an employer determine which employees require testing in compliance with federal regulations. Those employees who are not required to undergo regulated testing can still undergo non-DOT testing for drugs and alcohol if supported by an employer’s work policy.

Urine Drug Screen Collections

All DOT collections are sent to the lab for processing. Rapid Test drug screens are performed in-house and if negative, results are available on the same day; if non-negative, the urine will be sent to the lab for additional testing before a final report can be provided to the employer. If you choose to use our in-house Medical Review Officer (MRO), final results for urine specimens sent to the lab are usually available in 48 to 72 hours. If the employer elects to use an outside MRO service the result reporting will depend on the turnaround time of your chosen provider. Although there are standardized Rapid Test drug panels, we can customize drug screen panels to address your specific needs and concerns.

Hair Collections

Hair collections have the advantage of looking at a much longer period of time of potential drug use measured in weeks and months depending on the length of hair available for testing. Results for hair collections are usually back within 48 to 72 hours. Currently, these tests are not accepted by the DOT.

Breath Alcohol Testing

We are certified to perform both DOT and Non-DOT breath alcohol testing. Our testing equipment is checked and calibrated regularly in compliance with DOT requirements, and all Breath Alcohol Technicians are trained and certified. All positive results are reported to employers by phone immediately following testing. All test results will be available on our employer portal.