Carticel: Using your own cells to treat knee cartilage damage.

If a knee cartilage injury is interfering with your ability to live an active lifestyle, Carticel may be a treatment to consider. Knee cartilage injuries can cause swelling, locking, clicking or catching which can interfere with playing sports or even performing normal daily activities.

Carticel also known as ACI (Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation) uses your body’s own cartilage cells to treat your knee cartilage injury. These cells can help form new cartilage in the knee which is very similar to the old cartilage in the body.

The average patient is between 16-55 with an average age of 35 and is not ready for a total knee replacement however they are experiencing knee pain that limits normal activity. Generally, candidates have previously had knee surgery such as arthroscopy. This treatment requires post surgery follow ups as well as dedicated physical therapy therefore it is important to discuss Carticel with your doctor.

Dr. Jaureguito is specially trained and certified in the Carticel procedure and is an active implanter for this knee cartilage treatment.

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